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Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
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The Budget Speech 2015-2016 announced the mounting of a training scheme with a view to enhance the employability of unemployed graduates by providing them with skills matching the requirements of the industry.

Joint Working Group

In this context, the Government has set up of Working Group co-chaired by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research and the Joint Economic Council.

The Working Group is responsible for spearheading and overseeing the implementation of the scheme.



  • Enhance the employability of the unemployed graduates by providing them with skills as per the requirements of the industry after following a tailor-made training programme.
  • Facilitate training and placement towards employment after having followed tailor-made crash courses.


Target Group

Unemployed graduates



Three instruments have been developed for the implementation of GTES which are categorized as follows:

  • Joint Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) and industry designed courses;
  • Joint Training Institutions (TIs)* and industry designed courses; and
  • Industry certifications and professional courses.

* TIs: MQA-registered training institutions or enterprises delivering MQA approved courses.


Duration of Programme

Between 3 to 12 months inclusive of placement


Accreditation / Approval of courses

The courses will be jointly identified and designed on sectoral and individual basis and should satisfy the criteria of the Tertiary Education Commission and/or Mauritius Qualifications Authority.



  • Government will cover the cost of training fees up to a maximum of MUR80,000 per graduate.
  • A monthly stipend of MUR6,000 will be provided to each graduate by the HRDC during the training and placement period.


Role of Employers

The Employer will participate in the process of identifying the training providers, mounting of courses, and selection of graduates for subsequent placement and eventual employment.


Coordinating Agency

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) will act as the coordinating agency for the Scheme.



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